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CARE Scale X Design Accelerator featured in Forbes

Forbes on Medora Ventures' Work with CARE: How One Nonprofit Innovated To Accelerate Impact: 

New York, September 19, 2017 -- In Forbes today, Medora Ventures' work with CARE's Scale X Design program was described as follows: "CARE’s first-of-its-kind Scale X Design Accelerator drives proven, promising programs exponentially forward, faster.​"

"The field of international development has a problem," the article explained. "So many innovative programs set out to tackle the world’s most daunting challenges, but they take too long — years, even decades — to reach scale. With nearly a billion people living this very moment in extreme poverty, there’s no time to lose. So how can the development community do more — and do it faster? Those are precisely the kinds of questions that the global poverty-fighting organization CARE intends to answer through its Scale X Design Accelerator. The accelerator invites teams with innovative, proven ideas to participate in the year-long curriculum, which — through learning labs, mentorship and funding — builds core skills for scaling those ideas and tailors support for overcoming barriers along the way."

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