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Medora Ventures to support hiring of c-suite and staff at the Pension Fund of the Christian Church

Medora Ventures is supporting our client, the Pension Fund of the Christian Church, with its long-term planning process and the hiring of roles at both the c-suite and staff levels.

For the right candidates, these will be exceptional opportunities to work in a personally fulfilling environment. You can excel professionally by leading a customer-focused, entrepreneurial, and results-driven team, with a purpose-driven organization that works to secure the financial futures of our 12,600+ members who serve others. The Pension Fund currently has assets in excess of $3 Billion and its products include a defined benefit pension with death and disability benefits; a 403b tax-deferred account (TD); Roth IRA; Traditional IRA; Benefit Accumulation Account (BA) (similar to a money market account); and Medicare Supplemental plans. It is one of over a hundred IRS approved non-bank trustees in the US.

Pension Fund members are part of the Stone-Campbell movement including but not limited to the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Christian Churches and Church of Christ, Church of Christ / Disciples of Christ International, and Churches of Christ (acapella) in the United States. It operates a Retirement Contribution Account (RCA) plan in Canada and a Pension Plan in Puerto Rico.

Learn more about the Pension Fund's c-suite and staff openings:

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