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Scott Shalett and Medora Ventures leads panel on Opportunity Zones at the Jackson Hole Investor Summit

We are pleased to announce Scott Shalett, Managing Partner and Head of Public Affairs at Medora Ventures, will be moderating a panel on Opportunity Zones at the Jackson Hole Investor Summit on March, 14 2019. Medora Ventures, a full-service strategy consulting firm based in Boston, Washington DC, and New Orleans, is an established leader in the Opportunity Zone arena. Scott and his partners at Medora are working with a core group of businesses and investors to structure their approach on Opportunity Zones with a focus on the impact intended by the law.

At the Summit, Scott will lead his panel through a variety of topics including:

  • Insights from operators and fund managers currently deploying funds in Opportunity Zones
  • An overview on how the Opportunity Zone marketplace is forming
  • Updates on the Dept of Treasury and IRS regulations
  • Strategies for investors and others looking to maximize their gains and navigate this new marketplace as it forms and grows

A brief background on Medora Ventures and Scott:

Scott Shalett is Managing Partner and Head of Public Affairs at Medora Ventures. Scott works with clients to devise and execute strategies that engage industry, political and community leaders across the country. Prior to joining the Medora team, Scott coordinated the public affairs and policy direction at the US Conference of Mayors under Conference President, Mayor Mitch Landrieu, New Orleans. His experience also includes four years as a Managing Director and the Head of Civic Engagement at JPMorgan Chase & Co. where he ran a national program that recruited and activated a diverse group of employees, who served as community Ambassadors in order to showcase JPMorgan Chase & Co.'s philanthropic and business impact and to build stronger relationships with civic leaders. Scott’s career experience includes positions of leadership in state and local government offices and as a business owner that worked on policy and political affairs with national campaigns in every region of the country.

Medora Ventures is a full-service strategy consulting firm focused on purpose driven ventures and founded on the belief that the most valuable investments produce a return not only for shareholders but also for the local community, for society overall, and ultimately for generations to come.

Medora is currently working with funds, developers, and investors to help shape the early dynamics of the OZ market, and our firm’s leadership has played an active role publicly and behind-the-scenes. Publicly, this has involved the creation of OZ.GUIDE, a public information website and newsletter with hundreds of investors and funds already subscribed. Privately, they have worked with the federal government and a coalition of impact investors and project developers to influence the direction of the policymaking process after the law was passed.

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