• "I truly believe that collaboration is the paradigm of the 21st century.


    All over the world, both at strategic and operational levels, key players from the public sector, business, and civil society are working out how to collaborate as partners to find long-term solutions to the most intractable problems facing us environmentally and socially, but also economically."


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    We assist public and private sector leaders with:

    • Developing public-private partnerships
    • Political campaign strategy and execution
    • Public relations and constituent engagement
    • Thought leadership through events and media







    RM2 is an innovative supply chain solutions provider that works with its customers to understand the challenges within their logistics systems and bring the advantages of its revolutionary pallet and advanced tracking and optimization systems.


    Medora Ventures assists RM2 with sustainability strategies, sales, and public affairs. We have worked with RM2 on major commitments, which included an announcement by the White House in November 2015.


    Intrexon applies engineering principles to biology to enable products in the health, food, energy, consumer and environmental industries.


    We have developed strategies for Intrexon's advanced technology and worked with public sector stakeholders to build a more sustainable path to produce healthy, affordable food.


    The Free Ride

    The Free Ride is a shuttle service that uses electric vehicles to help get people around — totally free, thanks to sponsors. We have supported the Free Ride in their efforts to expand to new markets and raise brand awareness, perception, and consideration for their clients through alternative, sustainable, mobile marketing.

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